What Makes a Great Budtender


It’s important to have a great budtender to guide you through the cannabis buying process. Whether you are a one-time visitor or patron at your favorite dispensary, a great budtender is a middleman between you and the right experience.


So how do you spot a great budtender?


Ultimately, what makes a great budtender is someone who knows their clients and tailors their services to the client’s desired experience. This requires both detailed product knowledge and a serious passion for all elements of the cannabis experience. Here are the four signs of a great budtender.


Know their Customers



A great budtender will have a conversation with you before they dive in and give you a recommendation. When it comes to craft cannabis, tailoring is essential for having the right experience. Whether you are business professional on-the-go or a mom who wants to be discrete with edibles or a seasoned stoner who prefers the flower, everyone is going to use cannabis differently and a great budtender acknowledges this. They will ask about your lifestyle, cannabis experience level, and your cannabis goals and this information will help them find the best strain, product, and method of consumption for you.


Know Products Well



First and foremost, they should have a strong knowledge base of all the products their shop carries. If a budtender seems at all hesitant about a product they carry, you should ask for a different budtender. A great budtender will have a strong understanding of their products, the different strains, their effects, flavors, aromas, smoke quality, and THC and CBD contents. Ideally, they have experience with all of their products and can draw from their personal experiences in order to help you make your buying decision.


Passion for Cannabis Knowledge



A great budtender will exude a radiance when talking about cannabis. Beyond product knowledge, they should have a well-rounded understanding of cannabis, from the different ways cannabis can be grown to the ways it can be consumed, a great budtender won’t shy away from showing you what they know.


A superstar budtender will know about the growing conditions of their products. They should know if it was grown outdoors or indoors. Furthermore, they should know if cannabis was the breed for genetic variations or unusual phenotypes, and they should be able to share how these unique differences affect the cannabis experience.


A budtender should also be able to give recommendations on dosing. There’s no standard dosage that is right for everyone. Your budtender should able to listen to what experience you are aspiring to have and be able to recommend a dosage for that experience. Also, a great budtender will take the time to ensure that you can read and understand the labels so that you have a reference for dosing at home.


Handles Products with Care



Great budtenders handle Mary Jane like it’s gold. They understand that their clients are going to be ingesting their products so they use tongs or gloves to obtain the product from the jar instead of using their bare hands. A great budtender will do whatever they can to deliver a clean product to their customers.


A great budtender may even go above and beyond by allowing clients to interact with the product, offering them a closer look or a sniff of its aromas. Furthermore, they do this all with love and care, knowing that the bud is going to be a defining element of your next cannabis experience.




A great budtender will take the time to get to know your lifestyle and ensure that you have the right product for your desired experience. With these four signs, you will know within minutes if you have a great budtender. Once you find them, don’t let them go—they will be your guide to the world of cannabis experiences.