The Perfect Growing Environment


Our World-Class Farms
We are proud to have two outdoor farms located in the famous Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. The diverse micro-climates coupled with an experienced cultivation team results in the growth of consistent high-quality flower. Grown Rogue has been planting a range of potent and high yielding strains for years, which are meticulously plotted on specific sections of our farms to maximize their productivity and quality. Of course, we also introduce new strains after pheno-hunting for dynamic genetics that will thrive in our soil and the amazing Rogue Valley Climate.



Our Grant’s Pass farm is a cannaseur’s dream, nestled between groves of Manzanitas and Madrones with ideal south facing slopes and epic mountain views. This sun grown farm produces some of the largest and most potent strains we bring to market.


Left: June 24, 2019 Right: August 9, 2019 




Every aspect of the growing process is carefully monitored and adjusted based on each unique grow season. Our Master Grower’s examine seeds at their preliminary stages to determine the balance of water, light and natural fertilizer needed. Both of our farms are located in multiple micro-climates which allow us to achieve optimal growing conditions based on the select strains we develop. Our Master Grower’s daily checklist is extensive and ensures our nutrient mixtures, watering schedules and sustainably integrated pest management solutions optimize grow conditions to maintain our high quality standards. Each plant is attended to and taken care of from seed to harvest.



Harvesting Our Crop
 Timing of the harvest dictates the nose, taste and “experience” of the cannabis plants. One of our secrets in determining optimal timing is the color of the pistils. The color variation tells our Master Growers whether the taste and potency has reached peak levels and lets them know when the plant has achieved its optimal yield.