Consistently Premium

Our indoor and outdoor cultivation ensures customers receive the most consistent, highest quality flower. The right experience is always in stock with Grown Rogue.  Learn more about our cultivars below.

1/2 Pound Bag

Pictured here is our 1/2 lb bag along with our branded matchboxes and rolling papers.  We also offer 1/4 lb bags.

20180123_GrownRogue_Oil_Display_0367 (1)

Branded and Freshness Sealed Flower

Our strains come in gram size jars – soon to be nitrogen sealed.  The sticker colors remind you where on the ROGUE Science classification each strain belongs.

Clean Green Certified

All of our strains are Clean Green Certified using sustainable, natural and organically-based practices. The Clean Green Certified program was created in 2004 as a way to regulate legal cannabis – products that called themselves “organic” as use of the word “organic” requires Federal approval.  Grown Rogue customers and dispensary partners know when they purchase our flower that we have met all of the rigorous conditions of the Clean Green Certified program.

Phylos Certified

Phylos Certified is a relatively new program designed to provide interested parties a detailed, interactive genetic map of thousands of cultivars.  All of the strains we currently have on the market are Phylos Certified and any strains we take to market we will be certified upon release.

Grown Rogue Strain Portfolio

Grown Rogue partners with industry leaders to research and develop proprietary genetics for our cannabis strains. Based on test results and qualitative study, we determine on an on-going basis what strains to include in our select premium cannabis portfolio.

Purple Hindu Kush
5th Element
Monkey Train

Unwind, indulge, or even sleep for the night. Relax strains are Indica varietals designed to help you slow down and chill.

Blue City Diesel
Tangie Cure
Obi 1:1
Pacific G13

Just the right subtle nudge to get you present. Optimize strains are ideal for exploring your favorite neighborhoods, everyday chores, or getting you into that creative project.

Blue Magoo
Black Chem Diesel
GR Ape

Enhance casual conversations, get abstract in your thinking, take the edge off while staying mindful. Groove strains put you in the zone.

Triangle Mints
GR 13
Pineapple Kush
Violet Femme

Get activated and motivated for that daytime hike or casual bike cruise. Uplift strains give you that perfect boost.

Lemon Sour Diesel
Key Lime Poison
God Bud
Churban Pieson

Hit the concert on the right tone, fuel up for the dance party, or go for that vigorous run. Instead of reaching for an espresso, charge up with our curated Energize sativa strains.

"Quality you can hear"
Market First Nitrogen Sealed Pre-Rolls

For convenience and freshness, select the Grown Rogue pre-rolls. These industry first nitrogen sealed pre-rolls guarantee “quality you can hear”.  

20180123 _GrownRogue_PreRoll_Display_0353

Check out a demonstration in this video featuring our CEO, Obie Strickler.  Ask your local dispensary about carrying a variety of Grown Rogue nitrogen sealed pre-rolls.


Potent and Balanced

Concentrates are cannabis-derived extracts that feature concentrated amounts of compounds like THC – tetrahydrocannabinol and select terpenes.  Concentrates have a long history dating back 10,000 years to the Steppe Mountains in China. Today, the modern cannabis concentrates are the ideal choice for the seasoned cannabis user seeking a unique, intense high and flavor gurus looking for exotic terpene profiles.  To summarize, concentrates are a great choice for consumption for those interested in higher potency, more efficiency in consumption, faster relief, and better flavor.

Extract by Experience

Grown Rogue extracts meet all of our stringent quality controls, have achieved clean green certification, and are classified by the ROGUE experience analysis. Ask our sales team about our selection of concentrates which includes oils, wax, shatter and sugar.

20180123Grown_Rogue_Derivitive_Oil_Relax0299 (1) (1)
20180123 Grown_Rogue_Derivitive_Oil_Relax0299
20180123 GrownRogue_Derivitive_Oil_Optimize0309
20180123 _GrownRogue_Derivitive_Oil_Groove_0321
20180123 _GrownRogue_Derivitive_Oil_Uplift_0324
20180123 _GrownRogue_Derivitive_Oil_Energize_0335
20180123 ccchh0296
20180123 GrownRogue_Derivitive_Oil_Optimize0314
20180123 _GrownRogue_Derivitive_Oil_Groove_0318
20180123 _GrownRogue_Derivitive_Concentrate_Uplift_0329
20180123 _GrownRogue_Derivitive_Concentrate_Energize_0332