Everything begins with the seed.

Understanding the genetic profile of the seed is the first aspect of the scientific process underlying our entire mantra to create The Right Experience, Every Time.

Selecting seeds begins with knowing the best of breed cultivars who have a history of recognition, potency, and consistency. Our goal is to provide a wide range of selections that meet our level of consistency and reliability.

As a result of our pursuit towards this standard, Grown Rogue is developing proprietary cultivars. We do this through our own genetics R & D department focused on revitalizing world-class clones and experimenting to bring strains to the market that are as innovative as they are effective.

"Growing premium cannabis at scale is very difficult."
- Obie Strickler, CEO

Grown Rogue’s team brings more than 50 years of combined cultivation experience.

Every aspect of the growing process is meticulously refined and carefully monitored. From the initial infrastructure of both our outdoor and indoor facilities to the final trimming.

Planting - Seed to Seedling

The preliminary stages of nurturing the seeds into seedlings are critical and it’s all about timing. Our master growers examine the seeds at the germination level through the seedling to determine the balance of the best humidity, white light, and natural fertilizer (i.e. Flower Power).

Grown Rogue is fortunate to own outdoor farms in multiple micro-climates which allow us to achieve optimal growing conditions based on the select strains we are developing.

Care and Consideration

The daily checklist for our master growers is extensive. We carefully mix nutrients with water and continue the patient laboring to balance grow conditions. At the same time, we are introducing sustainable integrated pest management solutions to protect the plants while maintaining our Clean Green standards. Our indoor facility will boast 9 independent flower rooms in which we can experiment with light intensity, humidity, air movement, and nutrient mix. This degree of control enables the growing team to produce the best results and adjust practices to maximize results by strain.


The flowering stage is the most photographed phase of the cannabis plant and with good cause. This is the stage that produces the iconic trichomes – which are the delivery vehicles for the THC – one of the main factors in potency. During this phase, our team of growers carefully examine all aspects of the plant. During this stage, temperature management is paramount. There is far greater control in the growing environment with our indoor facility than our outdoor farms. In both environments, we are carefully monitoring weather, environment variables, and the structure of the plants. Daily consideration of the fertilizer mix makes all the difference with an emphasis on potassium and phosphorus while reducing the amount of nitrogen.



Timing of the harvest dictates the taste, smell, and “experience” of the cannabis. One of the secrets that we use in determining the best timing of the harvest is the color of the pistils. The color variation tells the growers when taste and potency reach peak levels and the plant has achieved its optimal yield.

Curing and Drying

Proper cannabis curing can be the difference between a good crop and an exceptional crop. Since we aim for exceptional, we have developed specific practices during the curing and drying phase that seems to make all the difference. Many growers dry cannabis much too quickly resulting in a product that loses freshness and impact. The biosynthesis that takes place during the curing process is quite important and is highly dependent on temperature and humidity management. The aromatic compounds known as Terpenes are great influences by careful temperature management at this stage. Grown Rogue specializes in strains that enhance experience and the curing phase allows us some final influence in the experience we want to achieve. The right curing process also makes all the difference in how the cannabis tastes when consumed.

Hand Trimming

Ever since Grown Rogue began growing cannabis, we have always hand trimmed. While some other comparably sized growers have shifted to machine trimming, we believe this critically important phase should be done entirely by hand. The net results of hand trimming ensures the buds will be beautifully presented and the precious trichomes preserved. For us, the quality control of the human touch completes the cultivation process and retains the essence so important for Grown Rogue’s brand. Check out our trim video below to learn more.

The Scientific approach is fundamental to success.

Ensuring that our customers achieve The Right Experience, Every Time is more than a catchy moniker, it’s our brand. In order to accomplish this vision, we developed proprietary algorithms that consider all aspects of the finished product as well as tapping the growing cannabis community for qualitative data. This combination of quantitative and qualitative data provides the most accurate classification for what type of experience each strain will deliver. It is based on real science as we partnered with a world renowned research psychology team to define the data collection metrics. Our science team also includes a geneticist, geologist, and botanist to define the algorithm made up of the key characteristics of the plant. Fundamentally, our collective goal is to take what is an extremely complex and sophisticated plant with seemingly endless possibilities and simplify the selection process by experience with accuracy.


The traditional thinking suggests that cannabis comes down to three main categories: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid.  However, with the onset of legalization and more scientific study, advanced growers and geneticist are realizing these simplistic monikers do not accurately reflect the true genetic history of the strain.  This is why we use Phylos Bioscience in all of our genetics. While these phenotype designations are important, the designation has far less influence on experience than several other key characteristics.



Terpenes influence the particular flavor and scent of the cannabis strain. What more recent studies suggest is that the Terpene levels have significant effect on the experience. Terpenes have been used for centuries as perfumes, cosmetics, food additives, pesticides, medicine and so much more, and are the primary component of essential oils, which are commonly used in aromatherapy due to their proven therapeutic potential. For example, lavender essential oils (which include the terpene linalool) have been shown to reduce stress and promote sleep, while lemon oil (containing limonene) has been shown to improve mood. There are more than 120 different terpenes found in cannabis and our master growers are constantly analyzing terpene results within our strains to maximize The Right Experience The Right Experience, Every Time.


Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis plants that give each strain “character” and can greatly influence experience. There are 80+ cannabinoids found in cannabis each with certain features that affect body and mind in particular ways. The chart to the right outlines just some of the positive effects cannabinoids are known to have on various conditions. Our scientific approach greatly considers the specific cannabinoid a strain possesses as well as the potency.


The iconic reference to THC and marijuana is legendary and today remains one of the most misunderstand metrics in evaluating effect and experience. Grown Rogue has done the research over many years to decipher between the stigma driven percentage that many regular consumers reference when talking about THC and the appropriate weight THC deserves when evaluating experience. Indeed THC is a big factor, but what most do not fully appreciate is that THC designates potency or magnification of all of other factors delineated above. THC % is a key part of our scientific algorithm but not the dominant player others suggest.

Experience Sampling

Even the most detailed scientific analysis of a plant’s genetics, chemistry, and history does not compare to the actual human experience. That’s why all of our products are carefully tested through a proprietary academic study. The ROGUE study was established by world renowned research psychologists featuring data collection measuring ecological momentary assessment – how an experience feels in real time. To date we have collected hundreds of surveys to help classify our strains into experience channels that help the consumer better gauge a strain effect.



Grown Rogue is a Seed to Experience cannabis brand. Our products are how we deliver experience. Dispensaries and consumers can trust Grown Rogue to deliver consistent, high quality cannabis in a wide range of strains each eliciting a different experience.

The Right Experience, Every Time.

Grown Rogue has partnered with academic research psychologists and plant scientists to quantify the effects of cannabis. We believe the cannabis plant has certain characteristics that when properly understood can greatly impact the experience created. Thus, we set out to create algorithms based on quantitative plant chemistry variables and qualitative experience sampling. This is where you come in.