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Grown Rogue has partnered with academic research psychologists and plant scientists to quantify the effects of cannabis. We believe the cannabis plant has certain characteristics that when properly understood can greatly impact the experience created. Thus, we set out to create algorithms based on quantitative plant chemistry variables and qualitative experience sampling. This is where you come in.


If you would like to be part of our growing database of samplers, please fill out the form below and we’ll invite you to participate in our survey. After you consume, you’ll anonymously fill out a short survey and your valuable feedback will be part of our experience classification. We’ll also share information on experiences/effects of strains from other producers.


As you share your experience with the database, you’ll earn credits for future Grown Rogue purchases. Every 5 surveys get you a free pre-roll or 10% off your next flower purchase (limit $10.00 per redemption).


Thank you for contributing this valuable data and enhancing the cannabis experience for the entire community!


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