Best Cultivation + Experience

Grown Rogue has 90,000 sq. ft of licensed cultivation, and one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

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Oregon, California & Nevada

Grown Rogue has burst its borders and going after growth. All-out in Oregon, now moving into California, next Nevada.

Lots and LOTS of Products

Grown Rogue sells flower, pre-rolls, cartridges and concentrates – with more in the pipeline.Coming next: An edible line with award-wining chocolates.

Dynamic Sales

Grown Rogue has built a sales/marketing machine to move its fast-growing product line. Now growing into California and beyond.

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Premium Products, Fast-Moving Organization

Grown Rouge has 90,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor cultivation space, with 3,000 kilograms of licensed annual production capacity, and a library of over 80 genetics.

The company’s growing line of premium products include patent-pending nitrogen-sealed pre-rolls, unique concentrates, and cartridges that are designed to stand apart from the competition.

Next: Award-winning edibles.

Finally, the company’s growing distribution network currently has products in over 130 dispensaries,expanding to 300-plus through organic growth and acquisitions.

All of which is fueling Grown Rogue’s remarkable expansion – 25% month-to-month growth in 2018!


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