Grown Rogue Cycling

Read how the first Cannabis sponsor in the cycling world came about and check out some inside photos from the cycling team. 

When the opportunity came along to be the first ever Elite and Developmental cycling team sponsored by a cannabis company, I jumped at the chance. Given the tenuous relationship between drugs and sport – especially cycling – I was drawn to the opportunity to bridge the gap between stigma and reality. Getting a job in the sales department at Grown Rogue didn’t hurt in getting the ear of the company’s owner to pitch the idea to him, so I couldn’t resist this unique and exciting opportunity. 


It’​s​ dangerous and risky to partner with a cannabis company, just like the sport of cycling itself. As the owner and captain of the team, I know the rules around drugs are sticky. I ​also know my riders who choose to use cannabis will do so responsibly. ​ I have seen so many athletes struggle with recovery and recuperation with synthetic aids over my career, both as a racer and a manager. Painkillers. Ibuprofen and other ​analgesics that are harmful to the organs. I know of the healing properties of cannabis,​ and to get a chance to bring a team to OBRA (Oregon Bicycle Racing Association) that​ showcased both the legality and the restorative properties of cannabis was too exciting​ ​a prospect to pass up. It’s refreshing to see new sponsors stepping into the sport of cycling that in recent years wouldn’t have been able to.


Dave Aldersebaes
Director of Sales – Grown Rogue
Member of Grown Rogue Cycling

Photo Credit: Jose Sandoval