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Microdosing Marijuana: Finding the Ideal Balance

 Microdosing has been around for quite some time, although generally pertaining to the use of hallucinogens. With the increased legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in the United States, more and more people are looking to marijuana as an alternative from everything to prescription medication to their evening cocktail. So, what exactly is microdosing marijuana? It’s […]

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Michigan Legalization 2018: What Makes Michigan Marijuana Legalization such a Big Deal

Michigan has become the first state, not on the west or east coast, to have legalized adult marijuana use. This a huge milestone for the Midwest, but also for the future of America. Here’s why: America’s coast and Midwest might as well be two different countries in regards to public opinion. However, adult use of […]

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The Best Cannabis Stocks to Watch in 2018

 If уоu wish tо ridе thе роt boom, lооk nо furthеr than Canada and the United States. With Cаnаdа’ѕ libеrаl government lауing the groundwork and increasing legalization in the U.S., a timely саlсulаtеd wаgеr mау give investors a сhаnсе tо dоublе thеir mоnеу оn the bеѕt cannabis stocks of 2018. Whilе it’ѕ truе thаt the bеѕt […]

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Community Events

Grown Rogue is deeply rooted in the Southern Oregon community and as we expand our brand and products, we are committed to maintaining our community roots. Towards this goal, Grown Rogue will host monthly mixers throughout Oregon to celebrate the Cannabis industry and provide education through expert talks. Sign up to be on our events list here:


Exact Dates and Locations - TBD.
What: Monthly Events produced and presented by Grown Rogue.
Where: Strategic mix between high density locations such as Portland and hometown locations around Medford.
Content: Education, Community, Case Study focused events.
upcomeing event
Blue Magoo March

March 2018 - "Cross the Chasm for Mainstream Cannabis"
Join us March 21st, 2018 where we will feature a keynote speaker discussing some challenges/blocks of the "perception" of cannabis for the mainstream. We will also explore what needs to happen to get over these humps and position cannabis as a medicinal and recreational option. To register for this free event, email us at

April 2018 - "The Business of Cannabis"
We'll be featuring a panel of cannabis professional experts including a leading attorney, accountant, and investor. Each will present for 10 minutes on their approach, perspective and lead a community discussion. To register for this free event, email us at

Blue Magoo April
Blue Magoo May

May 2018 - "Dispensary Customer Care Best Practices"
We'll showcase 3 dispensary owners and/or managers discussing best practices. To register for this free event, email us at

Blue Magoo August

Check out some highlights from our community event, A Conversation with Senator Floyd Prozanski. We learned a lot about interstate compacts for cannabis trade, consumption of cannabis in retail premises, and much more on the legislation of cannabis. To see the entire live conversation video, please visit our facebook page:

Past Events

February 2018 - The Art of the Flower

January 24, 2HawkWinery, Cannabis Industry Outlook Mixer