Cannabis Experiences in Portland | 420 Friendly Hotel, Best Dispensaries, and Rad Places to Smoke


 As the budding Amsterdam of America, Portland has come a long way in becoming a playground for cannabis lovers. It’s journey began in 1973, when Oregon became the first state to decriminalize cannabismaking possession by users a petty crime. Later in 2015, when Oregon legalized recreational use, Portland began booming with dispensaries, 420 friendly hotels, cannabis tours, and more. Since then, it’s developed the reputation for being “the place where young people go to retire.” So, whether you’re visiting for a weekend or 26 and retiring, here are some of the hippest and most happening Portland cannabis destinations.


420 Friendly Hotel Portland

The Jupiter Hotel


This 420 friendly hotel has partnered with local cannabis businesses to create an adventure package that’s replete with tour information and  coupons for nearby dispensaries, cool swag, munchies, and a cannabis survival kit. Although Oregon law prohibits you from imbibing in the hotel, you still can expect an elevated experience overall. According to Daily Leaf, this package has no shortage of goodies. It’s a party hotel with great vibes, a cool bar below, and lots of fun-loving peeps.


Best Recreational Dispensaries Portland




Now that you’re settled into your place, it’s time to do some cannabis shopping. We recommend these three shops to find the perfect cannabis for you.


Shop Serra


When you visit Shop Serra, you’re in for a luxury experience. First, you’re greeted by pristine glass doors that lead into a room of pyramid displays. Inside these displays are gorgeous ornamental pipes, artisanal pinch pots, and cone roll necklaces. Beyond it’s stunning exterior, this Portland dispensary also has a beautiful mission: for you to feel all the feelings. From, energy to creativity to relaxation, Shop Serra has crafted its cannabis to offer you the right experience.


Jayne Medicinal


Designed to be welcoming and inviting, Jayne Medicinal feels more like a hipster coffee shop than it does a dispensary. Besides its great atmosphere, what’s unique about Jayne is it’s budtenders’ expertise in quality cannabis. Each budtender, first gets to know you, then helps you select the strain that’s ideal for you.


Tru Cannabis


Tru Cannabis specializes in dispensing lab tested cannabis so customers are guaranteed quality product. In addition, lab testing verifies the level of certain compounds in a strain—like THC and CBD. Knowing this information helps the budtender choose the right strain for your desired experience. Lastly, Tru Cannabis will delight you with its customer service. When you walk in, you’re greeted with smiling faces who are friendly, patient and have you covered whether you’re a novice or an experienced user.



Best Places to Smoke Portland



Now that you’ve got your cannabis, it’s time to expand your adventure. Here are our top three picks for an unforgettable Portland experience.


Skidmore Bluffs


A popular place to unwind and watch the sunset, Skidmore Bluffs will enhance any cannabis experience. Near the Willamette River, its beautiful greenery and elevated location create one of the most spectacular views in Portland. And, with easy and affordable transportation by MAX light rail or TriMet buses, you can enjoy the adventure without the drive.


Lan Su Chinese Garden



Located close to downtown Portland, Lan Su Chinese Garden offers Asian landscaping and architecture perfect to chill, meditate, and reflect. On site, there is a tea house, where you can indulge your cannabis induced senses in a delightful and tranquil tea experience.


Pearl District



With plenty of art galleries, boutiques, places to eat, the Pear District is the center of Portland’s urban renaissance. It’s the perfect place to entertain the munchies and engage in some people watching. 


As one of the 420 friendliest destinations in America, Portland is a place where cannabis lovers can truly kick back, relax, and even contemplate the future of their retirement!