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Grown Rogue Donates to American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief

First of its kind disaster relief donation by a cannabis company Grown Rogue — the premier Cannabis company in Southern Oregon – announced today a donation of 3% of all sales starting Oct. 1, 2017 through November 2017 toward Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief. The donation will be made directly to the American Red Read more »

Grown Rogue’s Internal Cannabis Glossary

Here at Grown Rogue, we have come up with our own internal glossary to help guide the everyday person with the knowledge and vocabulary the Cannabis industry uses on a regular basis. This is merely the start to our glossary. We will keep expanding our list as the industry grows and changes. Strains of Cannabis Read more »

Why We Need Federal Legalization of Cannabis

We at Grown Rogue believe that it is not a question of if–but when the federal government legalizes marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. We could support our position in a myriad of ways. We could argue that the public sentiment tide has turned with Gallup reporting in 2016 that 60% of Americans support Read more »

Best Methods to Treat Cannabis Pest Infestations: Integrated Pest Management Part 2

Cannabis growers employing proven integrated pest management (IPM) practices will minimize the risk of a pest outbreak and will quickly identify any pests that manage to infiltrate the grow. The sooner a treatment regimen can be implemented, the sooner the pests can be eradicated, minimizing damage to the cannabis plants. In fact, the best approach Read more »

The Cannabis Industry’s Pest Control Secret: Integrated Pest Management Part 1

Watching tender young cannabis seedlings or clones grow into vigorous, mature plants that in turn produce sticky, trichome-covered buds is almost magical, especially when the buds are properly cured and shared with friends who rave about the dankness. But, seeing healthy cannabis plants succumb to a pest infestation can be a terribly frustrating tragedy. In Read more »

Grown Rogue in The Press – Marijuana Investment in Oregon

You know you’re doing something right when one of the industry’s top magazines features one of your gardens on the cover page.  Marijuana Venture magazine proudly showcased our Manzanita Glen farm.     On the inside back cover, MJ features one of our spectacular trees from our Trails End farm.   Pictured with the “Green Monster” Read more »

Cannabis Investment Opportunities – 2017

With cannabis sales projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 25 percent or more, investors realize the opportunities available in this new market. The most significant risk factor, of course, involves federal law enforcement, and some will call attention to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ efforts to curtail state legalized cannabis businesses. However, given Read more »

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